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Teaching kids and adults how to type on a computer keyboard.

Typing games:

Space Cadet - 3DSpace Cadet
BarracudaBarracudaJibeJibeDodgerDodgerFoggiesFoggiesAlphabetic rainAlphabetic rainFalling wordsFalling words
Introduction to PowerTyping +

PowerTyping is an online free typing tutor teaching typing on a computer keyboard. It has structured lessons developed for US standard keyboard layout called QWERTY and lessons for the US alternative ANSI standard keyboard layout called Dvorak.

Typing is practiced using timed typing tests with text taken from various short stories and through page where one can type or paste own text. All typing exercises provide feedback - typing speed and errors.

On main typing test anyone can post typing speed result and there is a link to the best typing speeds in the past for those who like to know what the top typing speeds are.

For more typing there are several typing games.

How to use this site to learn typing +

If you don't know the keyboard layout, go through lessons in sequence. To practice learned letters one can use Space cadet typing game, in which one can enter specific letters to be used by the game, and typing practice where one can type in text, set its repeat, and use it to practice typing.

To learn or practice numbers one can use: Space cadet, Falling words games, and Typing practice page.

To improve typing speed Typing test page has links at the bottom to various texts to be used for practice.

All games aim at improving typing speed and acuracy.

About Qwerty typing lessons +

Typing lessons should be taken in sequence. They build upon each other and the structure of lessons reflects the Qwerty keyboard layout. There is a link at the top of the page to the Qwerty keyboard layout and hands positioning instructions. One can set the typing speed goal and save lessons to track progress. Lessons and a goal are saved on your computer as a cookie.

Qwerty typing lessons, Qwerty keyboard layout and hands positioning

About Dvorak typing lessons +

Dvorak typing lessons' structure reflects the Dvorak keyboard layout. Take lessons in sequence for they build upon each other. There is a link at the top of the page to the Dvorak keyboard layout with hands positioning instructions. You can set a typing speed goal and track lessons' progress. Lessons' progress an a goal is saved on your computer as a cookie.

Dvorak typing lessons, Dvorak keyboard and hands positioning

Typing speed tests +

Several typing tests are available where anyone can post typing speed result; and there is a link to the best typing speeds in the past for those who like to know what the top typing speeds are.

At the bottom of the page are links to various stories to practice or to test typing. To accommodate two schools of typing, specifically, 1 or 2 spaces after period, all tests have two versions: one version, named "s", single space, has 1 space after a period, the other, named "d", double space, has 2 spaces after a period.

All tests return wpm, words per minute, and number of errors.

Typing practice +

The purpose of this typing practice is to speed up hands by repeating keys combinations several times. Type in any text, click a button to repeat the text few times, and then type it. It has an option to save your text and to track the best time for the specific text.

Typing practice

Free typing games +
A list of typing games:

  • Space Cadet - 3DPlayer can enter own characters to play, or accept a-z default.
  • Barracudais a typing game with words.
  • Jibeis a game with random groups of letters or numbers.
  • Dodgeris a game with single letters.
  • Foggiesis a typing game with words.
  • Alphabetic rainis a game with letters and digits.
  • Falling wordsin this game one can sellect words or numbers.
Texting speed test for mobile +

Texting speed tests for small, hand held devices. For those who might be curious how they compare to the world fastest texter.

Texting speed tests

Qwerty vs Dvorak

How to switch between Qwerty and Dvorak layout

System requirements +
  • HTML5 complient browser with support of canvas tag
  • Javascrit
Contact us +

Direct any enquiry to Webmaster at powertyping.com.

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