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New Mexico
- created by Pole Bender. This is the residuum of music forever lost.
- creator unknown; time frame- probably 90s or earlier.
- Activate Qi Flow With OM Mantra & Powerful Drums is Solfeggio 852 & 963 Hz music created by Kenneth Soares and licensed under PowerThoughts Meditation Club.
Focus Concentrate
- STUDY FOCUS CONCENTRATE - HELP YOU WORK FAST with Binaural Beats. Music by: Brainwave Power Music
Alert Focus Study
- by free-binaural-beats.com
Sacred Spirit Drums
- Sacred Spirit - Sacred Earth Drums (Gordon, David & Steve) Full Album.
Solfeggio 528Hz
- by Brainwave Power Music. 528Hz is the "Miracle" note in the Solfeggio musical scale and is one of core creative frequencies that were used by ancient priests and healers in advanced civilizations.
- by Alex Theory, the sound visionary, who draws upon extensive training in psychology, integrative medicine, and psychoacoustic music production to innovate new styles of music. HD on iTunes