About Programmer Dvorak keyboard layout lessons

Programmer Dvorak keyboard layout lessons were written for the English US keyboard. For alpha characters PDK (Programmer Dvorak keyboard) and SDK (Simplified Dvorak keyboard) lessons are similar and either lessons can be used to learn Dvorak. However, positions of numbers and symbols vastly differ between PDK and SDK layouts, and only PDK lessons should be used to learn those.

To increase focus and accuracy, a limit on number of errors per lesson can be set. Due to this limit only lessons typed with equal or less errors than the max limit are permitted to be saved. Setting the limit on errors to zero or very low number -just above the temper-tantrums level :) - boosts focus, rhythmical typing, and overall learning is faster and more effective.

How to proceed? Take lessons in sequence. Strive for rhythmical typing, and focus on letters or words to be typed. Also, it is beneficial to say the letter or the word to be typed. After a lesson, open the Space Cadet game and tell the game to play learned keys for you ( click "choose your letters" button, type the new keys in and click start ). It is good practice for new keys, and for that matter, any key which bags for extra practice.

Like in any sport, warm up at the beginning of practice by typing a lesson you already know, and then work on new keys.

Do yourself a huge favor, and don't practice errors. If you start to make too many errors, either slow down, focus more, pronounce what you type, or stop. Practice for short periods of time and often.

To minimize frustration of those who want to retrain, do-ability was set as the key requirement for Programmer Dvorak keyboard lessons. Lessons are entraining and easy to do, yet they teach the keys - based on my personal experience with writing, testing, re-writing, ... , individual lessons.

Programmer Dvorak keyboard layout - typing lessons

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