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Introduction to PowerTyping Tutor

PowerTyping is an online free typing tutor for Qwerty keyboard - the US standard 101 keyboard, and Dvorak keyboard - the US alternative ANSI standard keyboard.
Our typing tutor offers:

Learning approach

Our tutorial is designed to teach, develop and practice, step by step, typing skills. One should go through lessons in sequence because they rehearse keys already learned as they add new ones. Separate lessons are written for Dvorak and Qwerty. Instructions for hand positioning over a keyboard are included in keyboards layout pages.

Typing lessons for Qwerty - the US standard 101 keyboard layout

Qwerty typing lessons Typing lessons' structure reflects the Qwerty keyboard layout. The keyboard layout includes hands positioning instructions. Lessons should be taken in sequence. Typing progress is tracked. The typing speed goal is set by you and is adjustable. Qwerty lessons have a radio there. Turn it on while practicing. The idea is to type an exercise to the rhythm of music to encourage an even pace, error free typing. Songs have listed speed of the rhythm in wpm (words per minute).

Lessons' progress is maintained on your computer as a cookie.

Typing lessons for Dvorak - the US alternative ANSI standard keyboard layout

Dvorak typing lessons' structure reflects the Dvorak keyboard layout. The keyboard layout includes hands positioning instructions. I recommend to take lessons in their sequence. Lessons track typing progress and have adjustable typing speed goal. Lessons' progress is maintained on your computer as a cookie.

Free typing games

To spice the practice, check out the educational typing games. Some are enhanced with music.

typing games requiring flash player:

The most popular typing game is the Barracuda and its less graphical version the BarracudaS. Then there are the Foggies a typing game without boundaries. My recommendation for this game is to turn on music, relax and "just keep typing". The Jibe practices random letters or numbers.

typing games requiring javaScript:

The Alphabetic Rain typing game focuses on letters. The Falling Words challenges a typist with words or numbers.

Typing speed tests

Try free typing speed tests to see what your speed is and where your wpm goal may be. Various stories are available to practice or test typing. All tests have two versions: one version has one space after a period, the other version has two spaces after a period.

Typing practice

 The purpose of the Typing practice is to speed up your hands by repeating keys combinations several times. Type in any text, click a button to repeat the text few times and type it. It has an option to save your text and to track the best time for the specific text.

System requirements

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